School Accommodations 

School Support & Navigating Accommodations

When your child needs accommodations for their diagnosis through the school system, it can be overwhelming to deal with the complexities of navigating the evaluations your child is put through, understanding what accommodations they qualify for, and being prepared for ARD meetings, 504 and IEP plan updates.

Unfortunately due to scheduling and funding limitations, evaluations are not always available in a timely manner in the public school setting. Furthermore, the accommodations your child qualifies for may not seem like enough to help them succeed.

Schedule a School Accommodation Consultation today to discuss your child's diagnosis, their current or proposed school accommodations, and how to navigate school system in order to help your child succeed.

    About School Accommodation Consultations

    Our Masters level Diagnostician Angela Calkins, MEd, has extensive experience performing Special Education Evaluations for Texas school districts, writing 504/IEP plans, and selecting appropriate accommodations for all varieties of diagnoses. Not only can she administer the same testing that the school system would present to your child, but she is experienced in formulating these same accommodations plans you would be given after your child is evaluated. All testing and accommodations are reviewed by provider Stoni Johnston, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC to formulate an accurate plan for your child's diagnosis.

    Who needs a School Accommodation Consultation?

    Sulcata Psychiatry can provide you consultation services whether or not you already have a psychological evaluation with school accommodations for you child. We can provide Academic & Achievement testing and recommended accommodations to get the process started, then meet with parents of needed for recommendations on navigating the process with your child's school for getting them the accommodations they need.

    Some parents prefer to get a second opinion once their child is evaluated by the school system and find it helpful to have further clarity or more in depth recommendations about what their child may qualify for. Other parents utilize our services simply to prepare for ARD meetings and understand the complicated language that can be confusing and overwhelming when encountering it without some support.

    What should I expect during an Accommodations Consultation?

    Our Accommodations Consultation appointments are hour long visits, offered in person or via telehealth for your convenience. We ask that only parents/guardians be present during consultations to minimize distractions and discuss both strengths and weaknesses that may impact your child.

    If you have a current school or psychological evaluation with diagnosis, testing scores, and accommodation recommendations, we ask that you provide a copy of that report upon scheduling your appointment so that our Diagnostician can be better prepared during your consultation. You can submit this documentation via email to or upload it securely through your patient portal account.

    If you do not have a current school or psychological evaluation, we can meet with you to discuss what that process will look like, how to initiate it through the school system, and how to prepare for and understand the reports you are given.

    We can also have consultation meetings periodically when needed should your child's accommodations change, you have an upcoming ARD meeting to prepare for, or if there are any concerns whatsoever about how to help your child succeed in school.