Academic & Achievement Testing

Academic & Achievement Evaluations measure how well your brain is functioning in various areas, such as memory, attention, IQ, abstraction, and reasoning skills. This can be helpful for diagnostic clarity or be used to obtain appropriate accommodations in school or work settings.

Sulcata Psychiatry offers Academic & Achievement Testing to children, adolescents, and adults in the greater Houston area at our main office in Tomball, Texas. Testing is administered by our Masters prepared Special Education Diagnostician regarding presence of learning disorders, dyslexia and dyscalculia, IQ or intellectual disabilities, and Autism Spectrum Disorders. After completing the testing process with the diagnostician, the results are then reviewed and interpreted by Stoni Johnston, APRN, MSN, PMHNP-BC to formulate an accurate diagnosis and recommendations.

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    About Academic & Achievement Evaluations

    What is Academic & Achievement Evaluation?

    Academic & Achievement Evaluations are helpful in determining or differentiating between different cognitive or learning disorders. However, these tests are more extensive and time consuming, incorporating evaluations for specific learning disorders, IQ or intellectual disabilities, dyslexia or dyscalculia, or Autism Spectrum Disorders. Our Diagnostician administers tests such the ADOS-2, Woodcock Johnson, and CTOPP to evaluate for certain impairments in functioning for ages 2+. Once testing is completed, results are interpreted in conjunction with Stoni Johnston, APRN, PMHNP-BC to formulate an appropriate diagnosis and treatment recommendations. These results are provided in a full report that can be used to obtain appropriate accommodations in school or workplace setting. We also offer an additional report that has specific 504/IEP/workplace accommodations and treatment recommendations available for an additional charge if desired.

    What is the purpose of testing?

    Academic & Achievement Evaluations are often required in order to obtain appropriate accommodations and interventions in school and workplaces. Unfortunately due to scheduling and funding limitations, evaluations are not always available in a timely manner in the public school setting or offered by workplaces. Getting Academic & Achievement Evaluation through Sulcata Psychiatry can help expedite that process, bring peace of mind or diagnostic clarity, or give parents a second opinion on what accommodations the patient might benefit from in different settings.

    What should I expect for Academic & Achievement Evaluation?

    At Sulcata Psychiatry, Academic & Achievement Evaluations require a minimum 3 Hour in-person evaluation visit with our Masters prepared Diagnostician Angela Calkins, M.Ed. These appointments consist of several different tests tailored to each patient individually and are administered by the diagnostician technician in office only. Depending on patient-specific concerns, testing is designed to assess things like brain function in certain areas, educational capabilities, math or reading performance, and deficits in intellect or socialization skills. These tests can give insight into appropriate diagnoses and treatment planning. The testing may include parent, teacher or workplace reports, direct observations of the patient, computerized test batteries, or pencil-to-paper testing. Once testing is over, you will be given a report summarizing the findings of the testing within 21 business days. Should you wish to have specific recommendations for appropriate accommodations in the school or workplace given, a separate report detailing those can be purchased ass well.

    You don't need to be a current patient to complete Academic & Achievement Evaluation, as you are not required to perform any follow-up visits after the testing is complete unless desired. However, should you require medication management, therapy, behavioral interventions, or support navigating obtaining accommodations in school or work settings, we can quickly schedule you with the appropriate provider for your needs.

    For current or prospective patients, you can add Academic & Achievement Testing to your treatment plan or evaluation at any time. Your provider may recommend taking a test as a baseline to track your progress and response to treatment over time.

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