Non-Emergency Resources

General Mental Health

Anything Pawsable

Comprehensive Guide to Psychiatric Service Dog tasks


Tips for Teens & Parents focused on education and empowering discussion of healthy choices and boundaries throughout adolescence. Resources on Sexual Education, Drugs & Alcohol, Bullying, Romantic Relationships

Texas Health & Human Services Mental Health Crisis Services

List of available state-funded mental health resources and phone numbers

Together for Wellness

Mental health wellness tips and tools

Safe Medication Disposal

FDA guided on how to safely dispose of unwanted or unused medications

UCLA Mindfulness & Guided Meditations

Free multilingual guided meditations and mindfulness practice produced by UCLA

Clinical Trials

Listing of ongoing clinical trials seeking new treatment options for physical and mental health diagnoses

National Institute of Mental Health

NIMH provides various education, tools, and resources for varying mental health topics

Resources on appropriate physical and emotional growth and development for children by the American Academy of Pediatrics

National Alliance on Mental Illness

NAMI provides education, tools, and support groups for a wide range of mental illnesses

Huberman Lab

Podcasts and Webinars for education and tips on varying topics regarding mental health

ADHD & Learning Disabilities

ADHD Institute

Educational resources for a deep dive on learning about ADHD and treatment options

Parent Companion

Guides and resources for caregivers of children diagnosed with disabilities


Book List, Videos, and educational information on ADHD


Information on diagnosis and treatment of Dyspraxia


Information on diagnosis and treatment of dysgraphia from Cleveland Clinic

Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities

Education, tools, advice, and connection for parents of children with learning disabilities

Resources, support, and tools for ADHD and learning disabilities


Statistics and education regarding ADHD diagnosis and treatment


Resources, education, support, and events for patients and caregivers

ADDitude Mag

Educational resources and webinars for supporting and living with ADHD


Educational resources and support finder for those living with or caring for someone with ADHD

Personality Disorders

National Education Alliance for BPD

Resources, tips, tools, and connection for patients or family members navigating Borderline Personality Disorder

Emotions Matter

Support and resources for families and patients with Borderline Personality Disorder

Survivors of Abuse

Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council

Housing, financial, and emotional support resources for survivors of abuse

Houston Area Women's Center

Crisis intervention, emotional, and financial support services for survivors of abuse

Northwest Assistance Ministries

Financial, Housing, Legal, and Emotional assistance for the community, including survivors of abuse.


Education, intervention, financial, and legal help for survivors of abuse

Harris County Housing & Community Resource Center

Immediate housing and shelter resources for survivors of abuse

Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council

A list of Crisis Centers, Shelters, Family Shelters, Counselors, Hotlines, and Financial & Legal aid for Survivors of abuse


Suicide Warning Signs

Tips for assessing for suicide risk and warning signs

Grief & Bereavement

Grief Resource List

Resource list of grief support articles, books, and groups.

What's Your Grief

Online community of support, education, and sharing for those who are navigating grief

Bo's Place

Local Houston non-profit that serves adults, children, and adolescents healing from grief, including bereavement support, educational materials, and support groups for those dealing with a death of a loved one

Memorial Hermann Grief & Bereavement Services

Multitude of local resources and educational material on losing a loved one

Specialized Housing & Financial Aid

Healthwell Foundation

Financial assistance for prescriptions, co-pays, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket costs

The Assistance Fund

TAF provides financial assistance grants for patients facing high medical out-of-pocket costs

PAN Foundation

Financial assistance grants for serious physical and mental health illnesses to cover out-of-pocket expenses.

Harris County Housing Community Resource Center

List of specialized housing placement resources for those with limited finances, special needs, veteran care, and seniors

Engalla Hope Foundation

Assisted living community for individuals with schizophrenia

St. Joseph House

Housing, social, and work assistance for individuals with mental documented history of mental illness

Home & Community Services

Family Houston

Counseling, financial aid, employment training, and community support for children, adults, and families

Family to Family Network

Community based training and programs for youth and families with disabilities, support for school navigation, and case management services

Family Alliance Network

Community based mental health center offering case management, therapeutic programs for children and families, and in-home treatment for mental health



UCLA based virtual parent training program for caregivers of teens aimed at reducing conflict, improving communication, and managing problem behaviors

Children's Friendship Program

UCLA evidence based virtual program for assisting elementary school children with social skills, making friendship, and resolving conflict

UCLA Parent Training Program

Evidence based virtual Parent Training Program for parents of children aged 2-12 to assist in managing conflict, improving communication, and reduce unsafe or oppositional behaviors