Pricing and Payments

Our clinic prides itself on the ability to get patients in quickly for appointments, adjust visit lengths and frequency dependent on the needs of the patient, and continue to provide telemedicine as an option for our patients. Due to excessive insurance regulation, restrictions on telehealth, and barriers that would prevent continued flexibility, the majority of our providers are self pay only and are considered out of network with all insurance companies. In order to allow for more comprehensive and personal care, our office policy is for patients to pay for their medical services at the time of their visit. For self-pay visits, we are happy to provide you with a "Superbill" (think of it as a medical receipt) that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

However, Jamillah Elvehoey, APRN, PMHNP-BC has chosen to accept commercial insurance through the Headway Platform, which currently accepts plans under United Healthcare, BlueCross BlueShield, Aetna, Cigna, and Oscar. More information on Headway is available HERE. If you are seeing a provider who accepts insurance, you must fill out all necessary insurance and billing registration information that comes from Headway (insurance processor) via email at least 24 hours prior to your visit to confirm coverage. Failure to complete insurance onboarding and upload will result in you being billed at the self-pay rate.

Still have questions? Visit the FAQ page for more information, or contact the office to speak directly to a staff member.


    We have partnered with Reimbursify to assist in patient reimbursement for self-pay costs. They offer Superbill submission and reimbursement, making it easier for you to get your out of pocket costs back from your insurance company or applied towards your deductible. For more information on Reimbursify, click below or download the Reimbursify app!


    Current Service Pricing

    Please call the office directly to get current pricing for lab work, injections, or other services and specials. For a full menu of services, download our current pricing sheet.

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    Diagnostic Testing

    Computerized Cognitive Testing


    Cognitive Testing is a helpful tool in all diagnoses, but we most commonly use it to help evaluate for ADHD or Autism. We do require Cognitive Testing in order to confirm and treat ADHD diagnoses upon intake. Results are reviewed with the provider at your next visit. Further information on Cognitive Testing can be found HERE.

    Academic & Achievement Testing


    Academic & Achievement testing visits are 3 hour long visits with our Diagnostician. Testing battery customized for diagnostic clarity or for implementing school (504/IEP/ARD) or workplace supports & benefits. Results reviewed, interpreted, and confirmed by provider to finalize diagnosis. Diagnostic results and interpretation report for school or work included.

    An additional report recommending specific 504/IEP plan accommodations or supports for school or work can be added for $50.

    School Accomodation Consultations


    School Accomodation Consult visits are 60 minute visits with parents to discuss navigating school IEP/504 plans, understanding the supports available to their child to help them succeed, and prepare for ARD meetings.

    Psychiatric Diagnosis & Medication Management Visits

    Intake Visits


    Intake visits are 60 minutes and consist of evaluation and diagnosis of your current mental health symptoms, followed by a comprehensive treatment plan and medication prescribing if applicable.

    Follow Up Visits

    $175 - $225

    Follow up visits are 20-40 minutes depending on your needs. Generally, we see you once a month to start, and stretch out to every 3 month check-ups once things are going well with medication.

    Psychotherapy Visits

    Intake Therapy Visits


    Intake Thearpy visits are 75 minutes and consist of evaluation with the therapist, goal setting, and therapy modality selection, and treatment planning.

    Follow Up Therapy Visits

    $100- $150

    Follow Up Therapy visits are 50 minutes. Generally, your provider will schedule visits once a week to once a month depending on your progress and goals.

    Family Therapy


    Family Therapy sessions are 50 minutes. Generally, your provider will schedule visits once a week to once a month depending on your progress and goals.

    Couples Therapy


    Couples Therapy sessions are 50 minutes after the initial intakes. We require both parties to have an individual intake prior to starting couples therapy. Generally, your provider will schedule visits once a week to once a month depending on your progress and goals.

    Group Therapy

    $60 per session

    Group Therapy Sessions are generally held weekly over the course of 8 weeks, and topics rotate seasonally based on clinic need. We ask that you commit to the full 8 week group cohort to get the most out of the group therapy experience. Some groups occur on a continuous basis once per month.

    We currently accept:

    • FSA or HSA Cards
    • All Major Credit/Debit Cards
    • Cash or Money Orders
    • Commercial Insurance Processing through Headway is available for select providers only: Jamillah Elvehoey, APRN & Ashley Graham, APRN.

    Regardless of the payment method, we would be happy to provide you receipts or a "Superbill" you can turn in to your insurance company for reimbursement, but all payment for services is due up front to the clinic. Reimbursement depends on your insurance plan benefits, so please contact your insurance directly with questions regarding reimbursement amounts. Download the REIMBURSIFY app to help with this process.